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Resiprene C

(Think of it as an all-terrain truck tire with better chemical resistance)

Resiprene C was made famous as a handle material when it was used on the Busse Combat Basics. Respirene C handles have all the advantages of rubber handles without any of the disadvantages. They are comfortable, shock absorbing, slip resistant when wet, and provide insulation from the cold. Unlike Kraton, Resiprene C is a Non-hygroscopic material which means that it will neither "take on" or "emit" fluids. This quality not only gives them unparalleled durability but makes them extremely easy to keep clean as dirt will simply not stick to them. It is impervious to salt water, petroleum based chemicals and is much more resistant to higher and colder temps than is Kraton. Resiprene C is likewise impervious to the powerful insect repellant, DEET. It is so amazingly tough and durable that Busse stands as the only company to have ever put a Lifetime Guarantee on a rubber handle. All Scrap Yard handles are fully textured to supply a slip-resistant purchase in any grip configuration. So, whether you hold the blade in a saber grip, reverse grip, upside down grip, side grip, or whatever which way you are required to hold it for your particular application, you will be assured of having a secure hold.


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